Building, Creating and Maintaining Public Health

We are determined to increase the Company’s competitiveness in order to face future challenges, with an orientation to product innovation, sustainability and quality, in order to realize the Company’s vision of “to be a useful and trusted company for the quality of people’s lives.”

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Herbal Medicine Indonesia conducts research on the development & innovation of new products accompanied by improvements in production technology using new machines that are more reliable and hygienically maintained. Herbal Medicine Indonesia will continue to produce various kinds of traditional/herbal medicines for various indications of disease.

We understand very well that access to quality health care at affordable prices is still difficult for some people. For this reason, we are committed to maintaining the quality of production by providing high quality herbal ingredients and maintaining the production process in accordance with good drug manufacturing standards. For this commitment, Indonesian Herbal Medicine Products have obtained a BPOM number and halal certification for their medicinal products and have received a CPOTB certificate.