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Natural Herbs For Seizures In Babies

Natural Herbs For Seizures

Fever and seizures are most commonly experienced by babies aged 6 months to 5 years. When experiencing a febrile seizure, the child’s body will shake violently accompanied by jerking movements in the arms and legs and loss of consciousness.

Babies and children who often have fevers should be measured with a thermometer and should not be touched or relied on by feeling.

There are many analyzes regarding fever and seizures in babies and children and the possible causes according to experts. The following is a brief explanation that the Herbal Medicine Indonesia team has summarized, including:

  1. Fever after being given immunization fluids/injections for polio, smallpox, hepatitis, DPT/Td (Diphtheria-Pertussis Tetanus/repeat vaccine), MMR (Mumps-Measles-Rubella and genetic factors can also increase the tendency to have febrile seizures. It’s possible something like this will happen It is recommended to use the herbal medicine QnC Jelly Gamat.
  2. Fever seizures can be caused by inflammation of the brain due to a viral infection. Fever seizures like this are generally given by medical doctors to provide solutions with the drug diazepam, this drug is given rectally through the anus.
  3. Convulsive fever with hypertension in babies and children which is often very worrying for parents and the surrounding environment who witness it, is often called step/steiup disease, epilepsy/swine madness.

For febrile convulsions in babies and children in this third category, I have experience from ancestral treatment methods, of course they have not been clinically tested. However, I will inform you that it may be useful, because this natural herbs for seizures in babies is not consumed or drunk but is only applied to the body parts of babies and children who are sick.

For those who are interested in trying this convulsive natural herbs for seizures in babies, it is easy and cheap, with the following details:

  • Prepare kencur the size of an adult’s thumb
  • Prepare 2 (two) teaspoons of coconut oil

The method :

  • The galangal is peeled and washed with clean water, then grated and mashed
  • Kingur that has been mashed and then mixed with coconut oil
  • Stir evenly and ready to use

Use of medicinal media galangal and coconut oil

  • Take a little about a quarter of a spoonful and put it on the crown and navel of a baby or child who has a fever.
  • Take a small amount of the medicinal media mixture, rub it in the crease between the arms, elbows and rub it in the creases of the thighs and knees or behind the knees.

With the use of this media, usually after the baby or child is carried out, the fever reaction gradually decreases and the baby or child immediately falls asleep, usually the reaction will occur in approximately 15 – 30 minutes. These are some natural herbs for seizures in babies that can be obtained easily.

Natural Herbs For Seizures In Babies

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