herbal remedies high blood pressure

Natural Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Herbal Wholesale – High blood pressure disease today can affect anyone. Not only people with advanced age, but can also attack young millennials starting from 25 years. Maintaining health, one of which is blood pressure, is very important so that later other dangerous comorbidities do not occur. Herbal remedies for high blood pressure are one way to help maintain blood pressure to stay normal.

Herbal Remedies High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where blood pressure when checked shows 130/80 mmHg or more. Hypertension can cause a variety of dangerous diseases. Such as stroke, heart failure, and kidney failure.

Hypertension itself is divided into two types, namely primary and secondary hypertension. The exact cause of primary hypertension is still unknown. But in some cases, it can be found that there are genetic factors.

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Meanwhile, secondary hypertension is high blood pressure caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Such as eating foods that contain high cholesterol or addiction to drinking alcohol.

This disease can be prevented in several ways, here are some natural ingredients that can help reduce hypertension.


Basil is the first natural ingredient that can be used to lower hypertension. Basil is one of the favorite vegetables for Indonesians. Who would have thought that this leaf, which is commonly used as a side dish, contains eugenol, which may help reduce high blood pressures.

Eugenol works by inhibiting calcium channels leading to the heart or arterial cells. In addition, eugenol is also useful for diluting blood so that blood flow becomes smoother.


This everyday kitchen spice has many health benefits. One of them is to prevent hypertension. Garlic contains sulfur compounds or allicin which are useful for thinning the blood and also relaxing blood vessels. Both of these are very important to make the blood flow more smoothly and prevent hypertension.


This herb contains Rosmarinus acid which reduces inflammation and blood sugar. This content is also able to increase blood flow which has an impact on reducing hypertension levels.

Some of these herbal ingredients can be found in herbal medicines such as Benoracol and also Herbal 17 which are herbal remedies for high blood pressure. Herbal medicine has been believed for generations to help relieve and even cure various diseases with minimal side effects.

BENORACOL, Herb Capsule for High Cholesterol & Lower Blood Sugar Levels
BENORACOL, Herb Capsule for High Cholesterol & Lower Blood Sugar Levels

How to Prevent the Occurrence of Hypertension

Although the main cause of hypertension is not yet known for sure, there are several ways to prevent it. Here are some ways to prevent hypertension.

1.Maintain diet

Eating healthy foods and also reducing the amount of salt intake is one way to prevent hypertension. In addition, reducing oily foods such as fried foods and foods that are high in cholesterol is also very good for keeping blood pressure from rising easily.

2.Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

In some cases of hypertension, it is found that the patient is a smoker and also often consumes alcoholic beverages. If you have history or genetics of hypertension, you should avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. In addition, reducing or limiting caffeine consumption is also very necessary.

3.Exercise and maintain sleep patterns

Exercise can increase serotonin and endorphin hormones that make us feel more relaxed. A relaxed mind will make us sleep easier and less stressed. In some cases of hypertension, it is found that patients often experience insomnia or insomnia. For this reason, sufficient exercise can also help us sleep faster and rest optimally.

Thus, the discussion about herbal remedies for high blood pressure. Don’t forget to take care of our health, because it is the best future investment.

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