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Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatment – Gout is a disease that affects the joints. Usually this disease attacks the joints found in the legs, and feels very excruciating when it recurs. Gout disease mostly affects men over 30 years old. Want to know more about joint pain causes? Here is more information for you.

Joint Pain Causes

Everyone has different levels of uric acid in the blood. Likewise with the risk of gout disease that will attack. Uric acid disease itself can be caused by several factors. Here are some factors that can cause increased uric acid levels in the blood.

1. Diet

In this modern era, not only technology has developed. But food has also experienced a lot of development characterized by the emergence of a variety of new foods that are not necessarily healthy in composition.

Not maintaining a good diet, it is possible to increase the risk of gout. Especially foods that contain a lot of red meat and shellfish. Any excessive food will definitely not be good for our bodies. Therefore, consuming food according to portions is very necessary.

2. Obesity

Excess weight or commonly called obesity can indeed increase the risk of various diseases. Call it coronary heart disease, diabetes, and even gout. Knowing our ideal weight is very important to control ourselves to avoid various diseases.

3. Genetic factors

It is undeniable that genetics can be one of the biggest factors in the occurrence of a disease. As with diabetes, hypertension, gout also has the same nature that can be inherited from someone who has a history of gout.

If you are one of the people who have a history of gout, you should immediately change your lifestyle to be healthier. Such as exercising regularly, maintaining sleep quality, and also maintaining a diet.

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Joint Pain Symtomps

Uric acid disease does not mean that it cannot be avoided as long as we recognize the symptoms. If you have experienced some of the things mentioned below, it is better if you try to check with a health clinic to find out the level of uric acid in the blood. Here are some symptoms of uric acid disease.

1. Intense joint pain

Joint pain in gout will usually be felt in the feet and hands. It usually attacks around the big toe, ankles and hands, or fingers. If ordinary pain occurs for a few minutes or a maximum of 2 to 3 hours, in gout symptoms pain can occur 12 hours to days.

2. Discomfort in the joints

If the pain around the joint is better, usually the sufferer will feel uncomfortable movement in the legs and hands. This discomfort can be in the form of sciatica or difficulty moving freely.

3. Swelling or redness

Joints that feel prolonged pain will usually show signs on the surface of the skin. Usually in the form of redness, or even worse, swelling appears. If this has happened like this, it is better if you immediately check it out at the nearest health center.

Gout is a disease that must be watched out for even from a young age. There are many ways to prevent the occurrence of gout. One of them is to regularly check uric acid levels, blood sugar, tension, and also other diseases.

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Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

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