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Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Health

Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Health

Indonesian people still often use traditional medicine to maintain a healthy body. Are you too? It has also become a way of life from ancestral heritage. But, do you know about traditional medicine and what are the types of traditional Indonesian medicine?

To answer this question, you can listen to the following review. According to the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), traditional medicines are ingredients or ingredients derived from plants, animal parts, minerals or a mixture of these materials which are used for generations for medicinal purposes.

Another name for traditional medicine is natural medicine (OBA). Therefore, traditional medicine is always made from natural ingredients that are processed according to the recipes of the ancestors, beliefs, customs, or habits of the people who live in an area.

Get to know 3 Types of Indonesian Traditional Medicine

There are many different assumptions from the Indonesian people towards traditional medicine. So that the understanding of the Indonesian people regarding traditional medicine is not confusing, the BPOM explains that there are three types of traditional medicine in Indonesia. The three types of drugs are grouped based on the type of use, the method of manufacture, and the method of proving their efficacy.

Indonesian traditional medicine is divided into 3 types, namely jamu, standardized herbal medicine (OHT), and phytopharmaca.

1. Herbs

Herbal medicine is known to the Indonesian people in the form of drinks, pills, or powders. How to make herbal medicine can be made from several natural ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, ginger, lemongrass, rice, kencur, and others. To be sure, every herbal recipe is a hereditary recipe that has been proven effective by our ancestors.

2. Standardized Herbal Medicine (OHT)

Types of standardized herbal medicines (OHT) are traditional medicines made from extracts of natural ingredients such as; animal extracts, medicinal plants, and mineral sources. The manufacture of this herbal medicine is far more advanced than traditional medicine such as jamu. Because it uses advanced and standardized technology that can process this OHT drug better.

This drug manufacturer always ensures that the raw materials used are in accordance with BPOM. To choose a standardized herbal medicine, you should check the packaging, label, distribution permit, and expiration date.

3. Phytopharmaceuticals

Phytopharmaca is a type of traditional medicine whose ingredients are also made from natural ingredients. However, it can be compared to modern medicine because the manufacturing process has been standardized and is also supported by scientific evidence so that it has been clinically tested on humans. Clinical testing is usually carried out by medical personnel to be more convincing when using herbal medicines in health care facilities.

Indonesian Traditional Medicine Ingredients for Body Health

Previously you already understand about the types of traditional medicine. Now, you should also know the content of traditional medicines that are good for health. This traditional Indonesian medicinal ingredient is also quite easy to find.

1. Temulawak

Temulawak is one of the traditional Indonesian medicines which is shaped like turmeric. Temulawak contains 79.96% carbohydrates and 19.07 mg/Kg calcium. Other ingredients are 15 mg/Kg of curcumin, 11.45 mg/Kg of potassium, 0.80% fiber, 1.52% protein, and 1.35% fat. The benefits of consuming temulawak are to increase immunity, overcome digestive disorders, treat inflammation, and also heal wounds and infections.

2. Meniran

Meniran is one of the ingredients of medicinal herbs which is also famous since the first. Green meniran can relieve pain, reduce the risk of kidney stones, malaria, diabetes, and hepatitis B. To be safer, meniran is suitable for consumption for adults.

3. Tempuyung

Some people see tempuyung leaves as a wild plant. However, tempuyung turns out to have benefits as one of the herbal medicines in Indonesia. The benefits include; reduce the risk of kidney stones, maintain blood pressure, shortness of breath, to maintain eye health.

Actually there are various other options if you want to consume traditional Indonesian medicine for health, such as aloe vera, spinach, and Japanese beans. You can get the benefits at once in the Recurma Plus product which contains the composition of ginger, meniran, tempuyung leaves, spinach, aloe vera, and Japanese beans.

Each capsule is produced with modern technology and the dosage is adjusted to suit your needs to maintain health. By drinking Recurma Plus 3 times a day, the benefits will be maximized.

Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Health

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