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Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Body Health

Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Body Health

There are many things that you should pay attention to to maintain a healthy body. In everyday life, you should get used to eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and avoiding things that trigger the risk of disease. Even though you have taken care of your health, sometimes you can still get sick because of climate change or something that comes from outside yourself.

If you experience a disturbed health, of course you have to look for the right medicine. To choose the right drug also can not be arbitrary. Indonesian traditional medicine is the recommended choice.

Traditional medicine is an ingredient or concoction derived from plants, animals, mineral materials, preparations of sarian (galenic), or a mixture of these materials which have been used for generations as treatment. Long before the development of modern medicine, our ancestors had succeeded in fighting many diseases with traditional Indonesian medicine.

Even in this day and age, many families are choosing safer traditional medicines. Indonesian traditional medicine generally consists of three types, namely; herbs, standardized herbal medicines, and phytopharmaceuticals. Here is an explanation of the three.

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1. Herbs

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian medicine with plant-based ingredients that goes through a processing process into a pill, steeping powder, or liquid that can be drunk directly. In general, herbal medicine recipes as traditional medicines have been known for generations.

If you live in a place where there is a herbal medicine seller, you can buy it from there. However, you can also make your own at home with ingredients such as; turmeric, ginger, temulawak, kencur, bitter, noni and laos. Herbal medicine recipes as traditional Indonesian medicines can be made from a mixture of several plants, such as rice and kencur, ginger and brown sugar, then the ones that are quite famous are turmeric and tamarind.

There are many benefits of herbal medicine based on the ingredients it is made from. For example, tamarind turmeric can overcome menstrual pain and improve digestion, kencur rice can overcome headaches, breathing, and coughs and colds. Furthermore, herbs with ginger ingredients can overcome nausea, prevent stress, improve the immune system.

2. Standardized Herbal Medicine

Standardized herbal medicines are Indonesian traditional medicines made from extracts of natural ingredients, namely medicinal plants, from animals, and minerals. Unlike traditional herbal medicine which can be made at home in a simple way, standardized herbal medicine uses advanced and standardized technological systems.

The manufacturer must ensure that the ingredients and extraction procedures comply with BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency) standards. The people who make it also have knowledge, skills, and experience about extract making.

Before being consumed by the public, standardized herbal medicinal products must pass pre-clinical tests in the laboratory to be proven safe, effective, and free of toxins. In the medicine packaging there is a logo or writing listed.

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3. Phytopharmaceuticals

Traditional Indonesian medicine called phytopharmaca is made from extracts of natural ingredients in the form of plants, animal extracts, and minerals. What makes phytopharmaceuticals different from standardized herbal medicines is their effectiveness and safety, which are on par with modern medicines.

The manufacturing process has also used advanced and standardized technology, but phytopharmaceuticals are still going through one additional testing stage, namely clinical trials to ensure safety. After passing clinical trials, new phytopharmaca products can be sold to the public.

Before taking traditional medicine, you must carefully pay attention to the ingredients used. For those of you who are looking for traditional Indonesian medicine, Recurma Plus is one of the best and safe choices.

Recurma Plus contains high anti-oxidant substances that can help to protect the body from free radicals and neutralize toxins. With the main ingredients of turmeric, meniran, temulawak, and red ginger, Recurma Plus will increase endurance and keep you healthy.

Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Body Health

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