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How to Grind Something into Powder Without a Grinder

How to Grind Something into Powder Without a Grinder

Herbal medicine is a way to treat diseases using plants or extracts from medicinal plants. There are different ways to consume these medicinal plants. There are those who use herb powders, herbal teas, or herbal plant extracts in the form of liquids.

How to Make Traditional Herb Powder

Herbal medicine has been trusted since ancient times to overcome various kinds of diseases and also maintain a healthy body. Herbal medicine is believed to be able to overcome several kinds of chronic diseases that are difficult to handle by the medical side. It cannot be denied that there are many plants that do have extraordinary properties if used as medicine.

Now herbal medicine has been packaged in a more modern way. Due to the high demand for herbal medicines, many manufacturers make herbal medicines easier to consume by the public. Herbal ingredients are processed in such a way using sophisticated and modern machines and produce quality herbal products.

But what about traditional herbal medicines? As we know that in Indonesia there are several ways to consume herbal medicines. Here is information about some of the traditional ways to consume herbal medicines or ingredients.

1.Pounded and extracted

In Indonesia, there are many plants that contain properties for the health of the body. Spices are one of the natural herbal medicines that are good for consumption. The first way to consume herbs for treatment is to take the extract. Fresh herbal ingredients are pounded together until they release liquid.

This liquid will later be squeezed and collected to make a liquid extract. Examples of herbs that are consumed by pounding first are traditional herbs that are commonly sold around.

2.Herbal tea

Not everyone likes traditional herbs that are drunk directly. Some feel that pounded herbal ingredients will taste more bitter. Some people choose to consume herbal ingredients by making tea.

The method is quite easy, namely herbal plants or spices are cut into small pieces first. After that, they are washed thoroughly and then dried under the sun or only at room temperature depending on the type of herbal material.

After drying, the ingredients are brewed using hot water to get herbal juice that is beneficial to the body.

Herb Powder
Herb Powder


Some herbal ingredients in Indonesia are produced and marketed in powder form. The aim is to make this herbal material more practical and also durable in the long run. Some spices that are often made into powdered drinks include ginger, turmeric, katuk leaves, noni, and many more.

Making herb powder is quite easy. The herbal ingredients that have been obtained are dried in the sun or dried at room temperature depending on the type of plant. After the herbal ingredients are dry enough, then enter the pulverization process.

The traditional pulverization process usually uses a pounding method. The dried ingredients are then ground and sieved to separate the coarse grains and fine grains. These fine grains are brewed using hot water to make efficacious herbal drinks.

This herb powder can also be put into empty capsules so that it is not too bitter. But of course, this requires experts to fit according to the right dose or dose.

It is not uncommon for some people to choose a way to consume herbal capsules that contain herb powder in them to make them more practical. No matter how to consume herbal medicine, surely it will bring good benefits to our health. That’s all the discussion about how to process traditional medicine, see you.

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How to Grind Something into Powder Without a Grinder

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