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Best Organic Herbs and Spices Suppliers Company

We are a company that organic herbs medicine and spices suppliers from Indonesia. We are also one of the herbal medicine manufacturer that has been proven and has the best quality that has been tested and officially licensed, where we serve the purchase of herbal medicines to various countries.

We provide quality herbal products and spices with 100% natural ingredients. Protect your health with our selection of the best Herb Medicine.

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Herbal Manufacturing Company No. 1 in Indonesia

PT Ben Sehat Sejahtera was founded in 2006 and is engaged in the production and sale of herbal medicines. As the best herbal supplement manufacturers company, we continue to strive to carry out the latest innovations and breakthroughs in every herbal product that passes through our factory.

We serve orders for wholesale herb suppliers and also in large quantities, apart from that we have also marketed products to various countries such as:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Singapore

Dozens of the Best Herbal Medicine Products

We have several herbal medicinal products that have been recognized for their benefits in treating various diseases. Some of the herbal medicines that are best sellers include herbs for diabetes, natural remedies for cough and many other lists of herbal medicine products that you can see through our catalogue.

The Most Complete Herbs and Spices Wholesale Suppliers in Indonesia

We are also a Distributor, Exporter and Supplier of spices that has been operating for a long time in Indonesia. You can place orders to purchase spices in small quantities or orders in large quantities.


Herbs are plants that have medicinal benefits. All types of plants can be said to be herbal if they have active ingredients or substances that are useful for treatment and health.


Does not cause side effects

As we know, herbal products is a medicine made from natural and complex plants. In other words, herbal medicine.


Effective for diseases that are difficult to treat medically

Herbal medicines is curative, meaning that it really heals because the treatment is at the source of the disease.

Aloe Vera

The price is more affordable and easy to make

Because herbal products is a medicine that comes from nature itself, so the price tends to be cheaper than chemical drugs.


Multi-use medicine

Herbal medicines can not only cure one disease, but one plant can cure many diseases, like tea.

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The quality of the product is very good and does not disappoint, the price is in accordance with the properties and quality of the product. Thank you very much.

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