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Exercise Tips for Diabetes Management

Exercise Tips for Diabetes Management

Tips for Diabetes Management – Regular exercise can help your body become healthier and fitter. Exercise can also help prevent us from getting sick easily and even help cure diseases. For people with diabetes, it is good if you change your lifestyle to be healthier by trying to exercise regularly for diabetes management.

5 Exercise Tips for Diabetes Management

Maintaining blood sugar pressure can be done in several ways. Such as by maintaining a diet, regular health control, and also changing your lifestyle to be healthier by exercising. Exercise can not only keep your body fit, but it can also be a good diabetes management.

For those of you with diabetes, you can try some of the exercises below to keep your blood sugar pressure stable.

1. Cardio

This type of exercise is famous for its fat burn benefits for those who want to diet. A healthy diet with cardio can not only reduce fat levels in the body, but is also beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels. Cardio exercise is beneficial to increase the work of the heart, blood flow, breathing rate, and also oxygen in the blood.

Because the benefits of cardio are so great, blood sugar can also be reduced periodically along with smooth blood circulation and reducing the amount of fat in the body. Some cardio exercises that can be done by diabetics are brisk walking, jogging, cycling, Zumba, or even swimming.

Research says, that diabetics are recommended to exercise for at least 150 minutes in order to feel the benefits of cardio to the fullest. The 150 minutes is divided into two sessions, namely 75 minutes for heavy cardio, and 75 minutes for moderate cardio.

The heavy version of cardio can be characterized by the number of your heart rate touching 170, while the moderate intensity is at 64-76.

If you are still confused about how to calculate the number of heartbeats, you can mark it by doing cardio exercises while talking or singing. If you can still talk during cardio but can’t sing, you are doing moderate intensity cardio. If you can’t sing or even talk during cardio, you’re doing cardio at a heavy intensity.

2. Weight training

In addition to doing cardio to reduce fat in the body, diabetics are also advised to exercise weight lifting as a counterbalance to moderate intensity cardio exercise. Weight training itself has several benefits including:

Reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Lower body mass index
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Improves glucose transport

You can hire a personal trainer who understands your needs and also understands the portion that will be given to diabetics. Some types of weight training that you can do are exercises using weights or dumbbells. In addition, you can also increase the portion with floor exercises such as push ups, planks, sit ups, lunges, and squats.

Actually, besides doing some exercises for diabetes management, you also have to maintain a diet so that blood sugar does not rise easily. In addition to lowering blood sugar, this exercise can also help you become fitter, increase immunity, and even get the bonus of a more proportional body. All that you can do with the intention and also the will to be healthier and a better quality of life.

Exercise Tips for Diabetes Management

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