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Diabetes Retinopathy: Symptoms, Cure and Causes

Diabetic retinopathy

HERBAL MEDICINE INDONESIA – Many people may not know that diabetes can also be one of the diseases that cause visual impairment. Similar to other diabetes comorbidities, diabetes retinophaty also has no significant symptoms. Here is a discussion about diabetes retinopathy, its symptoms, causes, and how to overcome it.

Diabetes Retinopathy: Causes

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that affects the eyes. This complication can cause blockages in the blood vessels in the retina of the eye. Normally, the retina needs an adequate blood supply to work properly. This blood is channeled through the blood vessels around the retina of the eye.

In people with diabetes, the blood vessels around the eye gradually become blocked. This causes the retina to eventually form a network of new vessels. Unfortunately, these new blood vessels do not have enough strength and are susceptible to damage.

In the world, diabetic retinopathy has reached 393 million cases. In Indonesia alone, the number of people with this disease has reached 42% of all people with diabetes. WHO has also determined that diabetic retinopathy is one of the causes of blindness in the eye.

Diabetes Retinopathy: Symtomps

People with diabetes should maintain their health by maintaining a diet and also checking blood sugar regularly. This is also a way to avoid further complications due to high blood sugar. One complication that often occurs is retinopathic diabetes which attacks the retina.

Are there any symptoms caused by this retinopathic diabetes? In many cases, people with retinopathic diabetes have almost no significant symptoms. These symptoms arise when the retina is already severely impaired. The symptoms that arise are generally as follows:

  • Vision decreases periodically
  • There are black spots in the vision
  • There are floaters (like floating stains) in the vision
  • Vision seems to float
  • Painful sensation in the eye, or eye redness
normal eye and diabetes retinopathy
normal eye and diabetes retinopathy

Diabetes Retinopathy: Cure

If you have experienced some of the symptoms above, you should immediately see a doctor. The doctor will treat it in several ways depending on how severe the disorder is found. For this reason, for people with diabetes, eye checks are also very important to prevent diabetic retinopathic complications.

Diabetes retinopathy can usually be prevented in several ways. Such as maintaining food intake, adequate rest, and also giving drugs to smooth the blood vessels around the eyes. However, if there are already disturbing symptoms, the treatment will be carried out as follows.

1. Injecting medication into the eye

If the patient has started to feel the loss of vision slowly, the doctor will inject the drug bevacizumab into the eyeball. This drug serves to prevent the formation of new blood vessels.

2. Vitrectomy

Another action for people with retinopathic diabetes is to perform a small operation such as making a small slice in the eye. This is useful for removing blockages in the blood vessels around the eye and also removing scar tissue.

3. Photocoagulation

This method is a therapy for the eye using laser technology that is irradiated directly into the eye. This is useful for stopping the leakage of fluid and blood in the eyeball. It is also useful for removing abnormal blood vessels around the eye.

Basically, diabetes can still be handled well if the patient also does things that can prevent further complications. Such as by avoiding foods that are prohibited. In addition, it can also be done by taking drugs prescribed by the doctor regularly.

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Diabetes Retinopathy: Symptoms, Cure and Causes

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