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Cinnamon Powder Supplier, Premium Quality & Wholesale Pricing

cinnamon powder supplier

Best Spices Indonesia – We’re a leading cinnamon powder supplier known for our top-notch collection. We cater to the needs of businesses, chefs, and home cooks. Our cinnamon powder comes directly from trusted sources in Indonesia.

This ensures it meets high authenticity and quality standards. We have it available in bulk, perfect for big orders. So, whether you want the special Ceylon cinnamon or the bold Saigon cinnamon, we’ve got what you need.

Unveiling the World of Premium Cinnamon Powder

Our premium cinnamon powder supplier is proud to bring you the best cinnamon from all over the world. See the difference in taste and smell with our Ceylon cinnamon and Saigon cinnamon. They make your cooking taste amazing.

Ceylon Cinnamon: The Exquisite Choice

Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, known as the “true cinnamon.” It has a light, flowery smell and subtle sweet taste. It’s perfect in many dishes, helping you get the most from cinnamon’s flavor profiles.

Saigon Cinnamon: Bold and Aromatic

The Saigon cinnamon from Vietnam has a bold, spicy-sweet taste. It’s great in recipes where cinnamon stands out. It adds a peppery zest, making your food unforgettable.

Like the delicate taste of Ceylon cinnamon? Or the strong flavor of Saigon cinnamon? Our cinnamon supplier veats your high expectations. Try them both and see how they make your dishes special.

Authentic Cinnamon Powder from Trusted Sources

Our cinnamon powder comes from top places like Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It’s known for its great taste and quality. We carefully pick our premium cinnamon powder from these countries. They are famous for producing the best cinnamon.

Sourced from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam

True cinnamon comes from Indonesia, while Vietnam is famous for Saigon cinnamon. Both places have perfect weather and soil for growing cinnamon. They also use traditional methods, making their cinnamon some of the best in the world.

Certified by EarthKosher

Our cinnamon powder is certified by EarthKosher. This means it meets tough Kosher standards. So, you know our cinnamon not only tastes great but is also pure. It’s good for strict dietary and religious needs too.

Cinnamon Powder Supplier: Bulk Orders and Wholesale Options


We excel in providing both bulk orders and wholesale options for businesses and chefs. Our cinnamon powder is top-notch but reasonably priced. This means you get to enjoy quality without breaking the bank.

Affordable Luxury for Your Culinary Needs

Need cinnamon powder for your baking or restaurant? Our high-quality cinnamon powder is perfect for you. We aim to provide top-notch cinnamon wholesale options at a fair price. This ensures that businesses big and small can get the best without overspending.

Hassle-Free Bulk Ordering Process

Ordering Cinnamon Powder in bulk is easy with us. Just a few clicks and you’ve got the cinnamon powder you need. This is perfect for bakeries, spice shops, and kitchens. Our goal is to help you create amazing dishes with ease using our top-of-the-line cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon Powder Variety Grade Mesh Size Certification
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Grade A 100 mesh, 50 mesh, 30 mesh USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS Certified
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Grade B 100 mesh, 50 mesh, 30 mesh Conventional
Cassia Cinnamon Powder Grade A 100 mesh, 50 mesh, 30 mesh USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS Certified
Chinese Cinnamon Powder Grade A 100 mesh, 50 mesh, 30 mesh USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS Certified
Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder Grade A 100 mesh, 50 mesh, 30 mesh USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS Certified

Versatile Applications: From Baking to Brewing

Our cinnamon powder supplier brings you a spice that fits many kitchen uses. It’s great for cinnamon powder baking and brewing. Use it in your baked treats like pies and breads to add a cozy taste. It’s also perfect for making drinks richer, from hot teas to cold lattes. Try using our cinnamon powder in beverages and see the new flavors you can enjoy.

Elevate Your Baked Goods with Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder does wonders for a variety of baked foods. It turns ordinary treats like cinnamon rolls and apple pies into something special. Just a sprinkle in your mix can make everything smell and taste amazing.

Infuse Your Beverages with Rich Cinnamon Flavors

Why not add our cinnamon powder to your drinks for a spicy twist? It’s great in teas, lattes, or cold drinks. Finding the right amount to use is key, so feel free to experiment. The result will be drinks that warm your heart.

Cinnamon Powder Supplier: Quality You Can Trust

At our cinnamon powder supplier, quality is our top priority. We go through a strict process to choose the best products for you. Our team works hard to make sure each batch is perfect. This has earned us a name as a trusted cinnamon supplier. Our cinnamon powder adds amazing flavor and scent to your dishes. It’s perfect for chefs, small shops, or people cooking at home.

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We stand by the quality of our cinnamon powder, always working to do better. As a trusted cinnamon supplier, we’re proud. We find the best cinnamon from the top spots. This means our cinnamon powder is true and top-notch. When you cook with our cinnamon powder, your dishes will shine. You can trust us to bring excellence to your table.

Explore Our Range of Premium Spices and Seasonings

Our supplier brings not just excellent cinnamon powder but a wide variety of top-quality spices and seasonings. You can find everything from the best sea salts to many different cooking spices. We have all you need for your recipes.

Seriously Good Sea Salts

Our premium sea salts come from beautiful places like Greece, Spain, and the Atlantic. Taste the unique flavors of Fleur de sel, the bold taste of Sal Gris, and the big flakes of sea salt. Each salt adds something special to your food.

Spices for Cooking

Explore flavors with our many cooking spices. Find allspice, coriander, clove, and more from around the world. Add these premium cooking spices and make your dishes exceptional.

Kitchen Tools and Supplies

We offer high-quality kitchen items to enhance your cooking. Browse through stainless steel measuring tools, glass bottles, and accurate thermometers. These kitchen tools are perfect for using with our high-quality spices and seasonings.

With our broad selection of top-notch ingredients and tools, we are your go-to for better cooking. Let our premium spices, sea salts, and kitchen tools jumpstart your next dish.

Cinnamon Powder Supplier: Elevating Your Culinary Experiences

Our cinnamon powder supplier is all about improving your culinary experiences. We aim to offer top quality and keep our customers happy. For professionals, business owners, or folks cooking at home, our spices and tools help you make amazing meals. Let us guide you through your cooking adventure.

Join our loyalty program and earn points on every buy. Shipping is free, making your shopping easy. Our cinnamon is not just tasty but promotes good health too. It has antioxidants and might help fight inflammation. And we stand by our word with a full money-back guarantee.

With more than 30 years in the game, our cinnamon powder supplier knows the spice world well. We pick our spices from the best places like Sri Lanka and Indonesia. This ensures our offerings are real and pure. Need cinnamon for baking, drinks, or any recipe? We’re here to help.


Our cinnamon powder supplier believes in offering the best. We have a range of premium cinnamon types, like the delicate Ceylon cinnamon and the rich Saigon cinnamon. All our products are top quality, coming from the best places and certified by EarthKosher.

We also give the chance for bulk and wholesale buying. Plus, we have other spices, seasonings, and kitchen items. With us as your supplier, you can make top-notch meals that everyone will love.

The global demand for cinnamon is going up fast with a 14% increase expected by 2025. Even with this growth, we’re dedicated to providing the best premium cinnamon powder. Choose our cinnamon powder supplier for a taste of quality and authentic culinary experiences in your cooking.

Cinnamon Powder Supplier, Premium Quality & Wholesale Pricing

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