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Beware of Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Beware of Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Managing blood sugar level is not only about lowering the blood sugar but more about making sure that our blood sugar level is under normal range. We all familiar with diabetes as a condition of high blood sugar level which are no longer surprising since so many people has diabetic condition from various range of age. How about low blood sugar level? such condition are well known as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a condition by which the blood sugar level is lower than the standard healthy range.

Low blood sugar often indicated by Blood sugar below 70 mg/dL is considered low.If you think you have low blood sugar level, you will need to check it. Doctors can also perform tests of kidney, liver, and adrenal gland function, to detect the cause of hypoglycemia and provide appropriate treatment.

If hypoglycemia is suspected to be caused by pancreatic tumor, the doctor will also recommend the patient undergo a CT scan or MRI.

However, if you aren’t able to check it directly, then this article can help you to identify some of low blood sugar symptoms that perhaps fits with the current condition you are facing.  Below are some of the associated symptoms with hypoglycemia :

1. Weakness or Fatigue

Weakness is one of the common low blood sugar symptoms since sugar is the source for energy of our body. The lack of blood sugar will inevitably leads to fatigue or feeling weakness.

2. Irregular Heart Beat

Insufficient blood sugar levels can cause a rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations as well as increase in peripheral systolic blood pressure, a fall in central blood pressure, reduced peripheral arterial resistance.

When your blood sugar is low, the brain will try  to preserve as much energy as possible, so as a consequences we may feel lightheaded or tipsy and a problem in our body balance.

4. Blurry Vision

A drop in blood sugar may blurred vision is the most common eye-related low blood sugar symptoms.

5. Slurred Speech

Your sugar-starved brain may change the way you sound. Slurred speech is a common symptom associated with blood sugar levels that drop below 40 mg/dL

6. Pale skin.

Paleness in skin can be a symptoms of low blood sugar level, it is related to blood flow in the skin rather than deposit of melanin in the skin.

7. Hunger

The low blood sugar level can trigger brain to alert our body that we need more sugary/energy intake from diets as a result people with hypoglycemia may feel hunger.

8. Concentration Problem

The brain relies on blood sugar for energy, having low blood sugar may reduce some brain function to not be able to work properly.

In a severe case of low blood sugar symptoms people may seizures or unconsciousness and the worst of all is death. That is why it is recommended to keep track of blood sugar level whenever taking insulin medication or doing exercise. In order to help managing blood sugar level especially for diabetics, Benoracol is a herbal medicine that can help to naturally stabilize blood sugar level by its powerful natural ingredients such as

  • Morindae Citrifolia Folium (Daun Mengkudu) 89,2mg
  • Annona Muricata Folium (Daun Sirsak) 142,8mg
  • Allium Sativum Bulbus (Bawang Putih) 89,2mg
  • Phaleria Macrocarpa Fructus (Buah Mahkota Dewa)
Beware of Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

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