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Best Time to Drink Parsley Tea

Best Time to Drink Parsley Tea

HERB MEDICINE INDONESIA – Not only beautiful to be used as a garnish in food, it turns out that parsley leaves have many benefits when consumed as herbal ingredients. There are many ways you can get the goodness of parsley leaves, one of which is by cooking soup. But have you ever drunk parsley leaf tea? Well here is information about the benefits and also the best time to drink parsley tea.

Best Time to Drink Parsley Tea and Benefits

Parsley is an herb that is commonly used for flavoring and also adds to the aroma of a dish. It is not uncommon for some people to consume parsley as a juice mixture to get its benefits and goodness. Many say that parsley juice is delicious when added with lemon juice.

But have you ever wondered about the parsley leaves? If you have parsley leaves that are starting to dry out, don’t throw them away! Because you can use them as the and get all the goodness. Here is a brief discussion about the best time to drink parsley tea, the benefits and side effects of parsley tea.

Drinking the is an activity that you can do anytime. It can be in the morning before activities, during the day when resting, or at night when relaxing. But for herbs like parsley tea, you can consume it at the best time.

The best time to drink parsley tea is before starting your daily activities. You can consume it in the morning during breakfast with bread or other nutritious foods. The benefits of the parsley will be easily absorbed by the body when the stomach is empty. You can also add a little lemon juice or slices and honey to add flavor.

As for some of the benefits of the parsley are as follows.

1. Rich in antioxidants

Parsley has antioxidant benefits that are good for the body. Antioxidants are needed by the body to eliminate toxins caused by free radicals. Especially if consumed when the weather is uncertain like this. Bad weather, dust, and pollution are the causes of our susceptibility to viruses. Drinking the parsley before activities can help you become more protected from the inside.

2. Prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones are a disease caused by the deposition of minerals in the kidneys. Research results prove that the parsley can help prevent the deposition of minerals in the kidneys. Even in some experiments produced rats with kidney stones that were successfully cured by consuming the parsley. The way the parsley works is to increase the amount of urine and reduce excretion in the urine.

3. High in vitamin C

Although green in color, it turns out that parsley leaves have a fairly high vitamin C content. This can mean that parsley can help boost the body’s immunity and is also a good antioxidant. A ¼ cup of parsley drink can fulfill up to 22% of your daily vitamin C needs.

4. Controls blood sugar

For diabetics, consumption of parsley drinks is also very good for your health. In Turkey, parsley leaves are believed to help lower blood sugar levels. Interestingly, recent study results say that it is true that consuming parsley leaves made into drinks or eaten directly can help lower blood sugar levels, and can even be claimed as antidiabetic.

That’s a row of benefits from the parsley leaves and also the best time to drink parsley tea. How are you interested in trying and feeling the benefits of the parsley?

Best Time to Drink Parsley Tea

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