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Best Herb Medicine Producer in Indonesian

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Herb Medicine Producer in Indonesian – Treating diseases can be done by medical or alternative medicine. Medical treatment certainly uses drugs that have been processed with ingredients that have been specially formulated for certain diseases. While alternative treatments usually use herbal medicines from natural ingredients. Indonesia is arguably one of the best herb medicine producing countries due to the abundance of medicinal plants in the country.

Best Herb Medicine from Indonesia

Indonesia is known as a country with very fertile land. Almost all staple foods and medicines thrive on this Indonesian soil. Utilizing medicinal plants as best herb medicine is one way to preserve herbal medicine that has been taught by our ancestors since long ago.

Herbal medicine is also an alternative to treating various diseases with various other benefits that can be obtained. Not only treating diseases, herbal plants also have other benefits for the body depending on the type of plant.

Luckily in Indonesia, there are many plants that can be used for herbal medicine. Not only medicinal plants in general, but among them there are also some rare herbal plants. Here are some native Indonesian medicinal plants and their benefits.

1. Temulawak

The first Indonesian herbal plant is temulawak. Everyone would agree that temulawak is an herbal plant that is used in almost all herbal medicine concoctions. Temulawak is a medicinal plant that is still in the same family as ginger, only bigger in size.

According to Dr. Roy Sparringa, who is the former head of BPOM, temulawak is a medicinal plant originally from Java. Because of its benefits, many people plant it in other countries such as China, countries in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and America. But according to the results of the study, it is still the original Indonesian temulawak that has the best quality.

2. Saga

Who would have thought that the saga plant that grows wild on the side of the road can be used as a natural cough medicine and is safe for consumption by anyone. In addition to reducing itching in the throat, saga leaves can also be used to cure other throat disorders. Even arguably this plant is very safe because it can be consumed by pregnant women.

The method is quite easy. Take one or two saga leaves, chew until the juice comes out and then remove it from the mouth and discard the leaves. The juice from saga leaves will relieve the throat due to coughing.

3. Meniran

Meniran plants usually thrive without having to go through special care or cultivation. In fact, for some people this plant is considered wild because it easily grows in any place. But who would have thought, in alternative medicine, meniran leaves are considered a very powerful herbal ingredient.

Meniran leaves that are extracted or consumed by cooking vegetables have the benefit of increasing immunity. Consuming meniran leaves is very good for relieving diseases such as flu.

4. Noni

Maybe many people don’t like the smell of this fruit. Because when ripe this fruit gives off a slightly unpleasant aroma. But don’t underestimate the benefits of noni fruit. Because noni fruit, which is still a member of the coffee-copian plant, has benefits if used as herbal medicine.

Noni fruit can be used as a mixture of cancer drugs. The content of noni fruit can increase the immune system for cancer patients. Because in medical science, medical drugs for cancer work by suppressing the body’s immune system. Supplements from noni fruit can be used to balance it.

Those are some of the best herbs medicine that we can find in Indonesia. The benefits of natural ingredients like the above can be found in medicines and supplements from HMI that you can get on its website or official agents.

Best Herb Medicine Producer in Indonesian

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