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Benefits of Kencur Extract for Children

Benefits of Kencur Extract for Children

Benefits of Kencur Extract for Children | Kencur (Kaempferia galanga) is a spice that is often used as a mixture of traditional foods and drinks. Although it is traditional, it turns out that kencur extract has many benefits for children’s health. When parent gives kencur to children, the goal is for the child to get to know the taste better. But at the same time, the mother must also see if there is an allergic reaction or not. If it is not there, the spice can be consumed for the next.

On this basis, kencur is not always good for children to consume, but of course kencur extract has many benefits for children’s health. Kencur not only has a delicious taste but is also a delicious meal.

1. Warms the body

The essential oil contained in kencur can warm the child’s body. If kencur is used as a drink, such as kencur rice, then given to babies and children, the effect can warm the body.

2. Increase Appetite

Kencur can make food smell more fragrant. Therefore, kencur is useful for increasing the appetite of infants and toddlers. For more effective results, parents can combine kencur with other spices, such as turmeric. If later the child still refuses to eat, maybe something is happening to him. For example, when teething, if you want to be given any kind of food, your child will definitely refuse.

If this is the case, parents must work around this by creating a pleasant dining atmosphere. Also try to eat together, parents at the dining table and children in the high chair.

3. Becoming a Natural Cough Medicine

Is your little one a child who has difficulty swallowing medicine, even though his body is not fit and has coughs? Try giving kencur to treat coughs in infants and toddlers. Kencur extract and ginger, then boil until boiling. Pour into a glass, wait until the temperature is right, and drink slowly to the child (use a spoon if it is a baby). This concoction can help refresh the child’s body, as well as treat the coughs he is experiencing.

4. Maintain Skin Health

There are various skin problems that can occur in babies, such as rashes to peeling skin. Well, applying kencur or mixing it as a food spice can help maintain the health of sensitive baby skin. Peeling skin, rash, small spots, allergies, will appear less often in the baby.

5. Prevents Various Diseases and Maintains Immune System

Another benefit of kencur for babies and toddlers is that it can increase endurance. That way, the child will avoid the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Children who consume natural foods or drinks with kencur content in them will have a lower risk of coughing, flu, and diarrhea.

Kencur extract also can fight various range of microorganism and hence may help to preserve certain foods. Kencur extract consumption also reduce the risk of getting vibriosis, an infection caused by eating undercooked seafoods.

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Some studies also says that kencur extract may help kill harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Staphyloccocus aureus, and Salmonella Typhi, although its effectiveness appears to vary between studies and lastly, some research shows that kencur can protect food or body from fungi, yeasts and parasites, although not all studies agree on this.

6. Overcoming Fatigue

When children are tired and cranky, parents will be confused and worried. Try to give him food or drinks that contain kencur to overcome this. To make it taste better, parents can give a little brown sugar mixture. Not only so delicious, but kencur extract can be useful to drive away fatigue hence helping children to stay productive during their daily activities.

Kencur extract also has other various good health benefits to offer both for children and adults including Anti cancer, good for digestion , helping to treating intestinal inflammation, promoting good gut bacteria ecosystem and blood circulation, get rid of toxins in the body as an anti-oxidant as well as good source of fiber.

To increase your children’s appetite & protect the health of children, you can also add Nitacur herbal supplements containing kencur extract, lempuyang rhizome, and black turmeric. Nitacur is useful to help increase the appetite of children and adults.

Benefits of Kencur Extract for Children

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