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Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine

Diseases experienced by humans can generally be cured using two methods, namely medical and non-medical methods. Medical treatment is of course what we know is through health institutions such as hospitals or clinics. While non-medical is treatment or herbal medicine.

In this discussion, we will review what are the advantages and disadvantages of herbs medicine. Immediately, see the following review.

Advantages of Herbal medicine

Herbal treatment or herbal medicine has been trusted by the world community since long ago. This herbal treatment has been passed down from generation to generation. As we know, herbs medicine is made from natural ingredients or extracts.

Treatment with herbal ingredients is believed to be able to cure and overcome various health problems naturally. Some people even believe that this herbal treatment is more effective than medical drugs. Herbs medicine is also believed to be able to cure chronic diseases that are difficult to overcome medically.

Until now, the use of herbs medicine is still a matter of debate. Many believe that herbs medicine is better than medicine and vice versa.

Here are the advantages of using herbs medicine over medical drugs.

1.Minimal side effects

It is no secret that natural ingredients derived from plants cause minimal side effects. Long-term use is also believed not to cause dependence effects because there are no addictive substances in it.

In addition, the process of making herbs medicines also does not use preservatives. This is what makes herbs medicines believed to be better than medical drugs that use chemicals.

2.Effectively cures diseases that cannot be overcome medically

Indeed, some people believe that taking certain herbs medicines can cure several chronic diseases that cannot be overcome by medical treatment. Some have proven that this natural method of treatment is more effective than medical treatment which usually takes a long time.

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3.Cheaper price

Since herbal remedies are made using natural ingredients from nature, the prices offered for herbal products are usually more affordable than chemical drugs. For herbal ingredients that we usually find in the market, they are usually priced at affordable prices because the ingredients are easy to obtain.

Herbal ingredients such as ginger powder, turmeric powder, or spices can be sold for thousands to tens of thousands.


If we know that medical or chemical drugs are only specialized for one type of disease, it is different from herbs medicine. One of the advantages of herbs medicine is that its use can be multipurpose. One of them is garlic.

Garlic is believed to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. But it can also be used as a medicine to treat heart disease. In addition, garlic is also believed to reduce high blood pressure for people with hypertension.

Herbal Medicine Practitioner
Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Disadvantages of herbs medicine

Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine, vaving many advantages, it does not mean that herbs medicine does not have disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages of herbs medicine.

1.The dose is not necessarily appropriate for use

The first drawback to the use of herbs medicine is the dosage. Because these natural ingredients have minimal side effects, the amount of dosage to use them is still uncertain. Some patients who use herbs medicine themselves have to return 1 to 3 times for further identification of the right dose so that the medicine can work effectively.

2.Some of them have not been confirmed for their benefits

The next drawback is that not all herbal ingredients have been proven to cure diseases. Some of them are even still in the form of hereditary beliefs. In addition, the use of animals such as insects for herbs medicine is also still a matter of debate whether it is allowed or not.

Medical and herbal medicine treatments have the same goal of curing disease. It remains your choice as a consumer to get the best treatment.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine

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