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Efficacy of Herbal Medicines for Treating Diseases

Herbs are plants that have medicinal benefits. All types of plants can be said to be herbal if they have active ingredients or substances that are useful for treatment and health.

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Herbal medicines are medicines that are natural or organic, such as plant or animal extracts that have benefits for health, so that in their development herbal medicines are used as alternative medicine.

Herbal medicines derived from plants (vegetables) such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, dates, and others.

While herbal medicines derived from animals such as sea cucumbers, honey, propolis, and others.

In addition to herbal medicines, there are also chemical drugs, namely drugs derived from materials that have undergone a chemical process first.

However, the irregular use of chemical drugs often has negative side effects for its users.

Herbal medicine and chemical medicine have different characteristics and characteristics. Each type of drug certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. With the development of technology so rapidly, of course, followed by the development of the medical world with its progress as well. A lot of research or research related to drugs. This research confirms the idea that nature naturally provides plants as a potent cure for all ailments.

However, in general, people only know that chemical drugs can cure disease directly, while herbal medicine is only an alternative if chemical drugs cannot cure disease. Due to the lack of knowledge about herbal medicines, people still think that chemical medicines are more effective than herbal medicines.

Chemical drugs will be good if used according to the rules with the right dose. Likewise, herbal medicines, are actually more effective in curing various kinds of diseases but require a process and time that is not short.

Whereas herbal medicines that are managed with quality and good ingredients without being mixed with chemicals, will not cause side effects, even though one has to use them for a lifetime.

Herbal Medicine Indonesia

Advantages of Herbal Medicines over Chemical Drugs

As we know, herbal medicine is a medicine made from natural and complex plants. In other words, herbal medicine can be considered as food, which means the ingredients consumed are used to repair damaged cells, tissues, or organs.

The composition or dosage used for herbal medicine is the traditional dose and is slightly reduced.

Herbal medicine is curative, meaning it really heals because the treatment is at the source of the disease.

Based on several studies that have been carried out by experts, herbal medicines are very suitable for health problems, especially chronic and degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, the spread of cancer cells, tumors, and others.

Herbal medicine is a medicine that comes from nature itself, so the price tends to be cheaper than chemical drugs.

In addition, herbal medicines are also very easy to make, because in their manufacture herbal medicines do not need to use sophisticated tools and technology.

Usually herbal medicines are processed by boiling, pounding, or mixed with other herbal ingredients with a certain composition.

Herbal medicine cures disease as a whole (holistic). In addition to curing the symptoms, herbal medicine also cures the source of the disease. Herbal remedies can also boost the immune system as a way to fight disease.

Herbal medicine can not only cure one disease, but one plant can cure many diseases, such as tea, mulberry leaves, honey or mangosteen peel juice can cure gout, migraine, diabetes, hepatitis, and even cancer.

The use of chemical drugs in the long term can turn the drug itself into a poison in our body.

So that the use of chemical drugs must be under the guidance and instructions of a doctor and should not be used carelessly.

On the other hand, herbal medicines are free of toxins. With proper use, herbal medicines are safe for consumption by anyone. In fact, herbal medicine can be used as a detoxifier in the body.

Besides being used to treat diseases, herbal medicines can also be used for a healthy diet for certain foods.

As we know, herbal medicines work directly at the source by repairing the entire body system by repairing damaged cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

No wonder, if it takes a relatively longer time to feel the effects of herbal medicines than if we use chemical drugs.

However, the advantage of traditional medicine is that it has relatively smaller side effects and some even have no side effects at all if used properly.

The main reason is due to the nature of natural traditional medicinal ingredients so that it can be digested by the body. If you are considering using traditional medicine, it’s a good idea to get to know the forms of serving traditional medicine first.

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