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7 Foods That Diabetes Should Avoid

Diabetes Food to Avoid

HERBAL MEDICINE INDONESIA – Foods that diabetes should avoid, Diabetes is one of the silent killers in the world. This disease is rarely symptomatic, but if it is severe it can cause many complications for sufferers. There are several factors that can affect the severity of diabetes, one of which is food. Here is information about 7 diabetes foods to avoid.

7 Diabetes Food to Avoid

Diabetes is a disease caused by rising blood sugar. This is caused by several factors. Such as heredity, unhealthy diet, and other lifestyles. Diabetes has almost no significant symptoms. But if it’s too late, usually the patient will experience some symptoms.

Normally, blood sugar ranges less than 140 mg/dL. But for people with diabetes or prediabetes, it ranges from 140 to 199 mg/dL.

Speaking of foods that can cause blood sugar to rise, here are some diabetic foods to avoid.

1. White bread, rice, and pasta

Rice, bread, and also pasta are foods that produce high carbohydrates. carbohydrates will be processed into glucose and flowed throughout the body through the blood. Foods with high carbohydrates as mentioned above are very dangerous if consumed more than the dose for diabetics.

Therefore, foods made from wheat flour and also white rice are widely prohibited for diabetics. Diabetics are advised to replace white rice with brown rice or brown rice which is now being introduced in the community.

2. Flavored yogurt

Yoghurt is fermented milk that has many benefits for the body, especially for digestion. For diabetics, only plain yogurt should be consumed. Flavored yoghurt is high in sugar which can trigger a rise in blood sugar.

3. Foods with trans fat

Trans fat is an ingredient commonly found in fried foods. But not only in fried foods, in other foods such as peanut butter, creamers, margarine, or offal. For diabetics, foods that are high in trans fats should be avoided or at least reduced in consumption.

Although trans fats do not directly increase blood sugar levels, in some cases they can increase insulin resistance, increase abdominal fat, and also reduce the amount of good cholesterol.

4. Processed meat

Although including foods with savory flavors, foods from processed meat are quite dangerous for diabetics. Not all, but diabetics should avoid foods from processed meats such as nuggets, sausages, or meat for burgers.

This is because in the process the meat will be mixed with several more ingredients including white flour which is high in carbohydrates and sugar. If you want to eat meat, you should consume lean meat cooked in steaks or meat soup.

5. Cereal

Cereal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast especially when mixed with milk. However, this will not be a nutritious breakfast if consumed by diabetics. Sugary cereals are not recommended for diabetics due to their high sugar content.

6. Snacks

Foods with a lot of flavor and also have undergone a long process such as packaged snacks should be avoided. The seasonings sprinkled in these foods usually contain some processed glucose that can trigger an increase in blood sugar.

7. Dried fruits

Fruit is the healthiest to consume when it is fresh and has not undergone further processing. Dried fruit is arguably a healthy snack, but for diabetics this can be a trigger for rising blood sugar. Because in dried fruit there are 4x more carbohydrates than fresh fruit.

That’s a row of 7 diabetes foods to avoid that you can learn. Don’t forget to check your health and blood sugar levels regularly to stay healthy and controlled.

7 Foods That Diabetes Should Avoid

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