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5 Tongkat Ali Benefits For Women Health

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Women

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Women – So far, most of us have heard of the benefits of Tongkat Ali as a special herb for adult men. Its ability as a stimulant for testosterone production has also been proven empirically. This makes Tongkat Ali considered one of the tough competitors of ginseng herbs from the East Asian region.

While Tongkat Ali is popular among men, many women are wary of consuming this native Southeast Asian herb. Most women think that their bodies should not consume herbs that function as testosterone stimulants of this kind. Is it true that there are no benefits of Tongkat Ali for women?

The following is a summary of the 5 tongkat ali benefits for women that the Herbal Medicine Indonesia team has summarized for you.

1. Makes Your Mood Better

Tongkat ali benefits for women can help reduce stress hormone levels in your body, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood.

One of the early studies that found the benefits of Tongkat Ali for mood was research in 1999 on experimental animal subjects published in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology. It was found that Tongkat Ali extract had an anxiety-fighting effect that was comparable to the drug diazepam, which doctors often prescribe for anxiety disorders.

Then in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 research was published on adults (32 men and 31 women) to investigate the benefits of Tongkat Ali for mood and stress. It was found that Tongkat Ali extract can reduce stress hormone levels. Also they reported significantly less stress, anger, and tension after getting Tongkat Ali.

This proves tongkat ali benefits for women as a mood booster supplement, which helps control mood and daily stress levels.

2. Helps shape a firmer and more beautiful body

Tongkat Ali is considered a fitness supplement because of its effect on increasing physical performance and muscle mass. This is because Tongkat Ali contains compounds called quassinoids, including eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone, which can help your body to use energy more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and increase endurance.

In other words, this herbal supplement can provide ergogenic benefits, namely to increase physical performance and improve body composition.

Consuming Tongkat Ali for women as an accompaniment to your diet accompanied by exercise can increase body fat burning. Apart from that, this herb also helps increase muscle strength.

If your body has less fat mass than muscle mass, your body will be firmer and more beautiful.

3. Helps Control Blood Sugar

In a number of countries, for example in Malaysia and India, the Tongkat Ali herb has traditionally been used to help treat diabetes.

A study shows that consuming Tongkat Ali can reduce blood sugar levels and improve the performance of the insulin hormone. Insulin is an important hormone for controlling blood sugar levels.

Other research reviewed in the journal Molecules in 2016 also found that Tongkat Ali extract increased insulin sensitivity through glucose (blood sugar) absorption by more than 200% at 50 g/mL.

This shows that Tongkat Ali can indeed be used to help control blood sugar. Of course, this is the tongkat ali benefits for women with diabetes and those who are trying to prevent diabetes.

4. Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

The next tongkat ali benefits for women is that it is anti-cancer. This herb contains a compound called eurycomanone which has anti-cancer activity, so it can help inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells.

Research reviewed in the journal Molecules 2016 found that eurycomanone has antiproliferative activity against cancer cells, but is not toxic or damaging to normal (non-cancerous) cells. Antiproliferative means the ability to prevent or slow the spread of cells to surrounding tissue.

This compound is also known to be cytotoxic to cancer cells. Cytotoxic means it is toxic or destructive to cells, so that it can produce damage or even death to these cells.

5. As an Anti-Inflammatory

Chronic inflammation or inflammation can cause various health problems. Coupled with stress, consumption of unhealthy food, and lack of physical activity, the health risks increase even further.

One way to deal with inflammation in the body is to consume anti-inflammatory herbs. And Tongkat Ali is known to have anti-inflammatory activity, so of course there are tongkat ali benefits for women who want a healthy body free from chronic inflammation.

In vitro research shows that Tongkat Ali in macrophage cells inactivates the NF-kB pathway and reduces the expression of COX-2, inducing the synthesis of nitric oxidase. This shows that Tongkat Ali has the potential to be consumed as an anti-inflammatory. The five benefits above are not only useful for men, but also women. Because there are 5 tongkat ali benefits for women as above, why should women hesitate to consume Tongkat Ali? As long as it is consumed in the appropriate dosage, Tongkat Ali actually provides great benefits that are important for your health.

5 Tongkat Ali Benefits For Women Health

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