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Suppliers and herbal wholesale from Indonesia. Herbal supplier products from Indonesia that have been proven and have the best quality that have been tested and officially licensed.

We provide quality herbal products from Indonesia with 100% natural ingredients. Protect your health with our best selection of herbs.

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Medicinal Herbs Wholesale

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We are a herbal wholesale supplier and distributor of herbal medicines from Indonesia who have marketed quality natural products to various countries such as:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Singapore

Indonesia is a country rich in medicinal plants and spices. The tendency of people to return to nature makes herbal fields in Indonesia more sustainable. This is our passion as herbal wholesale to participate in preserving the richness of Indonesian herbal medicine by producing herbal medicine and multivitamins made from herbs and spices.

Organic Herbs Wholesale


Herbs are plants that have medicinal benefits. All types of plants can be said to be herbal if they have active ingredients or substances that are useful for treatment and health.


Does not cause side effects

As we know, herbal products is a medicine made from natural and complex plants. In other words, herbal medicine.


Effective for diseases that are difficult to treat medically

Herbal medicines is curative, meaning that it really heals because the treatment is at the source of the disease.


The price is more affordable and easy to make

Because herbal products is a medicine that comes from nature itself, so the price tends to be cheaper than chemical drugs.


Multi-use medicine

Herbal medicines can not only cure one disease, but one plant can cure many diseases, like tea.

Herbal Extracts Wholesale

The Best Wholesale Herbs Suppliers Products

In its development We has produced quality and hygienic products. Using selected herbal ingredients by applying Good Methods of Making Traditional Medicines. We are here as a herbal wholesale suppliers to provide the best herbal products for health.

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Thank you, the item is good as pictured and I don't regret buying the product. We wish you continued success and increase sales of herbal products.


The quality of the product is very good and does not disappoint, the price is in accordance with the properties and quality of the product. Thank you very much.

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