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PT Ben Sehat Sejahtera

PT. Ben Sehat Sejahtera is one of the best herbal products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company. We offer a wide range of herbal products at competitive prices!



We always carry out research, development & innovation on the latest herbal supplements products that have the best benefits for health.



Our herbal supplements products have the best quality and have obtained a BPOM license and halal certification for the medicines produced and have received a CPOTB certificate.



Currently we are starting to expand into the online market, with sustainable herbal medicine production making our product stock safe.

Best Seller Herbal Products

LANGNIS, herbal remedies for diabetes


The best blood sugar lowering medicine with herbal ingredients that are safe for consumption.

BENORACOL, best herb for high cholesterol


Cholesterol lowering medication made from 100% natural ingredients with maximum results.

RECURMA PLUS, herbal remedies liver, Stamina and Energy

Recurma Plus

Medicine to cure liver and kidney disease with the best natural ingredients that are safe for consumption.

BENORAMAG, herbal remedies acid reflux


Medicine to help cure stomach acid disease or GERD naturally and effectively.

herbal product manufacturer

PT. Ben Sehat Sejahtera

Since 2005 and is engaged in the production and sale of herbal medicines. We as the best herbal supplement manufacturers company from Indonesia continue to strive to carry out the latest innovations and breakthroughs in every herbal product that passes through our factory.

Herbal Medicine Made from Natural Herbs and Ingredients

We are Traditional Medicine Manufacturers, Classic Medicine Products Manufacturers, and Herbal Medicine Manufacturer. We are involved in traditional and proprietary medicine manufacturing. We expect highly for customer who want do factory visit.

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Thank you, the item is good as pictured and I don't regret buying the product. We wish you continued success and increase sales of herbal products.


The quality of the product is very good and does not disappoint, the price is in accordance with the properties and quality of the product. Thank you very much.

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